Well I'll be fucked Virginia...there is a Santa Claus after all


Washington (JCC) -- At a time when almost all hope for a sane world has evaporated amidst hate and bigotry, an unlikely Santa emerges. House Speaker Paul Ryan.

I'll be fucked. Paul Ryan.

How did we get here? What has happened to our country? How is God's name can anybody be serious about voting someone like Donald Trump into the most powerful office in the WORLD?!

Now I'm certainly not a political expert but I know stupidity when I hear and see it. It has nothing to do with being a Democrat or Republican. It has to do with decency, patriotism and loving our country because of the values it was built on which has molded it into the place where everyone wants to be. We are Freedom. We are Democracy. We are Americans and that means we can't persecute people because of their religion. We have to welcome them. We have no choice. It is THE basis of what America has built on.

Donald Trump is lowering the bar on decency. Unfortunately the other republican presidential hopefuls are sinking to his level in an attempt to woo away his supporters. My question would be, 'Why would they want these supporters'? They are not the majority. They certainly are loud, crude, typically uneducated, bigotted and racially insensitive. But they will not choose the next president.

So anyway. Paul Ryan. Thank you. You put yourself out there when something needed to be said. Keep that good sense about you and you'll go far.

Yes Virginia, just when you think there ain't no Santa Claus...a miracle happens.

P.S. Vote for Ron White...because you can't fix stupid.